Ten Awesome Kickstarter Products You Can Buy #10

  10. WakaWaka Power: the Best Compact Solar Power Station & Light

WakaWaka Power Station
Kickstarter Goal: $50,000.00

Raised: $419,472.00
Reviews: Excellent.
Buy Product: WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger, Yellow

From the Company:

Meet the newest upgrade in portable solar energy technology…the WakaWaka Power! Thanks to all of you, we were able to take into account your suggestions and create a more efficient, sleeker piece of technology that launched last year (2012) with the help of our kickstarter campaign. Thinner than the old model, this latest model has many great new features.

How to Use:
- Leave it in a place where the solar panels can be exposed to as much sunlight as possible.
- Plug in your smartphone or mobile device. When the red light is flashing that means it is charging. The faster it blinks, the faster it is charging.
- The green lights indicate the battery power levels of your WakaWaka device. Full green lights mean full power.
- There is also a small indicator light next to the usb port that shows when your device is charging.

This is a great product for emergencies such as blackouts and storms, but it is also a great backup power source for whenever you may need it, whether you’re running late for a meeting or stuck in traffic and need to charge your phone.

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