Ten Awesome Kickstarter Products You Can Buy #4

 4. PonoMusic Pono Portable Music Player 

ponomusic pono portable music player
Pono Portable Music Player

Kickstarter Goal: $800,000.00
Raised: $6,225,354.00
Reviews: Excellent.
Links to Buy Models:

$399.00 PonoMusic Pono Portable Music Player, Yellow
$399.00 PonoMusic Pono Portable Music Player, Black

From the company:

What is PonoMusic? "Pono" is Hawaiian for righteous. What righteous means to our founder Neil Young is honoring the artist’s intention, and the soul of music. That’s why he’s been on a quest, for a few years now, to revive the magic that has been squeezed out of digital music. In the process of making music more convenient – easier to download, and more portable – we have sacrificed the emotional impact that only higher quality music can deliver. However, the world has changed in the last 10 years – technology has solved some of the underlying problems that forced that tradeoff. You no longer have to choose between quality and convenience when listening to music – you can have both. This is the fundamental idea behind PonoMusic.

Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite music. We want to be very clear that PonoMusic is not a new audio file format or standard. PonoMusic is an end-to-end ecosystem for music lovers to get access to and enjoy their favorite music exactly as the artist created it, at the recording resolution they chose in the studio. We offer PonoMusic customers the highest resolution digital music available. PonoMusic is more than just a high-resolution music store and player; it is a grassroots movement to keep the heart of music beating. PonoMusic aims to preserve the feeling, spirit, and emotion that the artists put in their original studio recordings. 

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