Ten Awesome Kickstarter Products You Can Buy #5

5. Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

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Anova Precision Cooker
Kickstarter Goal: $100,000.00
Raised: $1,811,321.00
Reviews: Excellent.
Buy Product: Anova Culinary Precision Cooker (Black)

From the Company:

To use the Anova Precision Cooker, you simply attach it to a pot, put your food in a ziplock bag and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker circulates water around the pot, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. AND, the Precision Cooker Connects to your phone, allowing you to cook amazing meals by simply touching a button. The food is amazing, tender, and moist, every time.

Once limited to the world's best restaurants, precision temperature cooking (sous vide) is now the fastest growing kitchen appliance category. Last year was a huge year for precision temperature cooking, as it was the first year that precision temperature cooking devices became very affordable for home chefs. The Anova Precision Cooker represents the next evolution of precision temperature cooking technology, making it easy and affordable for anyone to reap the benefits of this type of cooking. 

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