Ten Awesome Kickstarter Products You Can Buy #1

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Surprisingly, not a lot of successfully funded kickstarter projects made it to the market. Many raised thousands of dollars, but even two years later they are still working on getting their dreams mass produced. 
Lets take a look at 10 amazing innovative products that made it all the way and are available to purchase on the global markets.

1. California Headphones:

best headphones buy kickstarter products

California Headphone Co Laredo

best headphones buy kickstarter products

California Headphone Co Silverado


Kickstarter Goal: $100,000.00
Raised: $220,158.00
Reviews: Excellent.


$219.99 California Headphone Co Silverado Premium Over Ear Stereo Headphones w/ Detachable Cable

$109.99 California Headphone Company On Ear Metal and Leather Headphones - Laredo

From California Headphones Company:

We are the first company to design and produce metal and leather headphones acoustically tuned for a live concert-like audio experience for Rock, Country, and Alternative.

Our Mission is to build headphones that:
• Emphasize the California Sound - clear vocals, rich guitars, tuned for Rock, Country and Alternative.
 • Last forever, and won't break after a few months.
• Fit our style - Retro metal and leather look that compliments a quality build.

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