Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Snowboard Multi-Tool And Smoking Pipe by Bakoda

Not that many products out there let you fix your bindings, open a beer bottle, use it as a smoking pipe and measure your dong with tape measure. Well, this one does it all. Check out this awesome multi-tool by Bakoda that allows you to do that and much more. A truly ultimate tool for stoners who loves to snowboard. Moreover, it is being sold by the biggest retailer: Amazon.

weed smoking snowboard multi-tool
Bakoda Multi-tool

McIver Driver is very sturdy and very well built. If you are serious about snowboarding, you know you need to adjust bindings angle based on your style of riding. This tool is made just for that: it does not take much space and does all the important functions, like helping you getting high. 

The pipe works great, but the plastic cover that supposed to be a wind shield doesn't really keep your lighter lit on the mountain. Which was not really a problem for me, in the end it lets you smoke from it! What else do you need from a multi-tool? 

It seems that it is priced perfectly and makes a great gift within a thirty bucks budget. I use mine all the time combined with this awesome travel kit by Burton that holds your weed and lighter.   

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