Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Black Marshall Stanmore Speaker, $319.

 Vintage Inspired Bluetooth Speaker by Marshall.

Marshall Speaker

Marshall Stanmore Speaker is probably the best-looking Bluetooth speaker on the market. Iconic sixties look, powerful sonic output, vintage switches and buttons. If you are a rock and roll fan, your speaker should look like this! The sound quality is truly amazing. Enjoy your music clean and crisp. Lets take a look at pros and cons of this great looking gadget: 
marshall speaker
Marshall Stanmore Speaker, $319


Simple Layout, easy to use. Beautiful looking, vintage design, awesome old school Marshall lines: the leather, the grill, the switches and buttons, the jack cable feel well made and high quality. Solid pieces of wood and carefully, neatly placed electronics. Well-made volume and tone control knobs on the top allowing to reach perfect balance. Cool on/off toggle switch. Built to last. The sound from this unit is clear, crisp and overall great. The bass it renders is rich and deep; you can feel the air puffing out the back woofer port. Sound fills medium size living room. RCA input.


Overpriced for a novelty speaker, About 15% of items have a Bluetooth malfunction. Interrupted connections, unable to connect with the device and Bluetooth range problems. About 5% of all speakers break in the first year. Device connected through auxiliary sounds better than Bluetooth. This speaker is not portable and powered by a power cable. Lack of remote control. The speaker is not made by Marshall. 

marshall speaker

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